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Fantasy Art Gallery

Below are a number of beautiful galleries of Fantasy Art by Fantasy Artists in Australia.
Browse the magical worlds of fairies, sorcerers and warriors, gods and goddesses, mermaids and elves created by the artists. Don't forget to follow the links to their other galleries for more of their work.
Please note that some artworks contain artistic nudity.

Australian Fantasy Artists

Below is a showcase of artwork by wonderfully talented Australian Fantasy Artists, each with their own unique style. Working in many different mediums and different themes, it is a true showcase of the best fantasy artwork Australia has to offer.

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Kartika Adji

Elden Ardiente

Krystina Atkins

Meg Baker

Shirley Barber

Rebecca Barkley

Edward Baueris

Deborah Bell

Caroline Bradley

Anne-Marie Broughton

Nicole Cadet

Anna Casey

Brett Cerlienco

Lindsay Cheesewright

Shar Close

Nardo Conforti

Susannah Connerty

Julia Cook

Margaret Dean

Reuben C Dodd

Elle Evans

Jim Faulkner

Selina Fenech

Sunny Fenwick

Wendy Flint

Sherrie Lee Fox

Huang Fu

Maxine Gadd

Linda Gock

Sarah Jane Holt

Kylie InGold

Jasmin Islam

Ivy Izzard

Natalie Jaworski

Jennifer M Jones

Sonja Kallio

Michelle Kania

Dimitris James Koutrelakos

Regan Kubecek

Lorell Lehman

John Lynch

Lily Machin

Vesna Maksimovic

Kate McCredie

Sharon McLeod

Nathan McNee

Kirstin Mills

James Morgan

Rose Moxon

Rob Overall

michael palmer

Nicolee Payne

Amanda Penrose

Michele-Lee Phelan

Lee Elizabeth Pike

Jenny Pride

Donna Quinn

camilla randall

Brett Renfrey

Suzanne Richards

Susan Rodio

Adrian Shaw

Lauren Kelly Small

Lee Smith

Rodney Smith

Nick Stathopoulos

Jozef Szekeres

Bianca Talarico

Anthony Toia

Jessica Truscott

Kim Turner

Rizaldy Valencia

Pia Van Ravestein

Shelley Walker

Emerson Ward

Zoe Watt

Kathryn Whiteford

Carrine Wilson

Tahnja Wolter

Nicole Wood

Anthea Wright

Karena Wynn-Moylan

AFAE Themed Galleries

Once a quarter, the artists of AFAE choose a theme for which they will create artworks for. The theme can be a challenge, and a joy to see the various intepretations of the same theme across a wide range of styles and ideas. Below are the galleries holding these themed works.

Theme of Three

Past Artists

Over the years there have been artists in Australia who have excelled at creating wondrous images of fantasy. Their work becoming famous around the world. Here is a short tribute to honour the great talents of fantasy art Australia has had in the past.

Peg Maltby

Ida Rentoul Outhwaite

All art is © copyrighted by its respective artist. Use of any artwork from this website is strictly prohibited.
Please note that this site features some artworks containing nudity. The fantasy art on this website is NOT free clipart.
To report faults with the site please go to Contact

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Random Artist

Jim Faulkner

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New and Updated Galleries
13 Feb 2017

Dimitris James Koutrelakos (updated)

Anne-Marie Broughton (updated)

Brett Cerlienco (updated)

Steve Lehmann (new)

Carolyn McCully (new)

Kelly McDonald (new)