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Fantasy Art by Anthony Toia

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Concept Art, Graphic Artist, Tattoo Design, Comic Illustrator, Portrait Artist, Landscape Artist, Still Life Artist, Photoshop Artist, Artist by Commission, Paintings in Watercolour, Paintings in Oils, Paintings in Gouache, Sculptures in Stone, Sculptures in Wood, Sculptures in Bone, Sculptures in Mixed Media, Sculptures in Sand, Sculptures in Clay, Recycled Art and Bespoke Art.

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand on the 16th of March 1981. I studied in Wellington at the Learning Connexion, a creative based art school where I gained a Diploma of Art and Creativity.

From humble beginnings of copying from comic books with a bunch of mechanical pencils and reams of A4, my passion for art was no more than an amusing pastime it was then I began to write my fantasy novel.

It wasn't until a coincidental series of events led me to attend art school and showed me that I could apply my abilities to any medium I became interested in. I have since made money through a commemorative sand sculpture in Wellington and stone sculpture commissions in the Bay of Islands. I continue to work on my ten book illustrated novel of which the fantasy side of my art prevails. I have also made many wooden swords as gifts, and designed and built suits of armor for fancy dress parties. I currently work in Northland, New Zealand as a freelance designer and artist.

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