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Fantasy Art by Katherine Franklin

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I've had an interest in art and textile crafts ever since childhood, although it wasn't until high school when I developed an interest in Fantasy Art. I was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons, which enabled me to illustrate my own characters, to write fantasy fiction; and triggered the development of my own fantasy world, Arondell [an idea which now encompasses an entire multiverse, rather than a single world].

Up until 2009 I was primarily self taught with no formal training [except for art in high school], and I worked primarily with coloured pencil, graphite and felt tip pens, and occasionally oil pastel. Favored techniques included heavy burnishing, layering, smudging and cross hatching. I was set in the way I worked, what I worked with, and my theme of choice.

2007/2008 saw a change in the way I worked. I began combining coloured media with graphite [something I avoided because graphite could be so messy], and discovered the versatility and beauty of watercolour pencils. I work with these, and other water soluble media, regularly today.

I began to sketch my ideas in a big sketchbook, caring less about perfection and producing a more finished piece than what I had in the past. I also bought some useful art books, one being Anatomy for the Artist, which further improved my skills and technique.

2009 was a major turning point in my art practice. I began a course of study [Certificate III Visual Art and Contemporary Craft: Painting and Drawing] at Marden Senior College, and there I learned to explore media and ideas outside my comfort zone. I learned the importance of drawing from observation [rather than trying to draw exclusively from imagination] and drawing on a regular basis.

I started sketching with pen rather than pencil, because a pen mark can't be erased; and changed the way I held a brush or pencil. My line work became more expressive and gestural because I learned to be less concerned with perfection, and incorporated the mistakes into the sketch. I also started taking my own reference photographs, mostly of trees, clouds, sunsets, plants and insects, and experimented with digital media [which was one of my course competencies].

In 2009 I created my first two Visual Diaries, and since then creating and maintaining a Visual Diary has become an important part of my art practice. I now have five Visual Diaries, with the intention to create more, and each are an artwork in their own right.

I continued my studies in 2010 [Certificate III Visual Art and Contemporary Craft: Textiles, and Certificate IV Visual Art and Contemporary Craft: Painting and Drawing], the latter with a focus on developing myself as an Artist, and a Body of Work. I chose Arondell for my concept, because Fantasy Art is my passion, and Arondell is an idea that I've been developing since 1998. The latter course culminates in a graduate exhibition, at a community gallery, in 2012.

This study has finished now. From here I intend to exhibit and sell more of my work; and to publish my illustrations, and visual diaries [whole or in part, or a combination of the two].

My current art practice includes, but is not limited to, mixed media painting and drawing, photography, soft toy design, surface design, textile jewellery, and novel writing. I enjoy textile arts, writing and painting and drawing; each has their own merit. Each are a part of me, and expressing my creativity. Visions of Arondell, my primary Body of Work, will keep me busy for many years to come [as both images, and stories].

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