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Fantasy Art by Nicole Wood

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Enchanting art on canvas, ready to hang. Each piece comes with it's own mystical message hand-crafted with ribbon and beads.

Artist, writer & Faerie Wisdom creator ~ Inspired by the love of my family & faeries.I Have written & published artworks in Sphere's the Spirit Guide Magazine
Awarded travelling finalist in Caldera Art Festival NSW showcasing biodiversity
Faerie face painter showcasing my art creations at my childrens school carnivale and locally
Creative Goddess soul living on the sunny 'Tweed Coast' of NSW.
Gentle Faerie Enchantress and self-taught creator, of magical worlds on canvas. I believe in Faeries
I believe in my dreams
I believe in miracles
I walk the path of Faeriecraft,
Into the realms of faerie land, an enchanted place in another sphere. Embracing the magical pathway.

I love to draw ,to paint ,to illustrate & photograph the beauty around me ~ fairy, fantasy, & write whimsical verse. I believe in everything faerie. I adore my husband and my five gorgeous's all fun and games!
I adore the mist magic that surrounds me under fullmoon light, and the whispers of tree spirits and faeries near. I love the sweet scents of lavender and the touch of the softly sand from the beach, mermaids and underwater realms.... oh! & I adore the magic that comes from my camera.
I am a little like Alice in Wonderland...everything around me is a faerie tale; sometimes I am ever so present & other times I am in my own fantasy story, while the real world is dancing around me.
My heart is filled with sunshine, and rain and sometimes, just sometimes it is nice to stay in a state of dreams....
I find peace within the silence of creating, and accessing the wisdom of my higher -self.
Living an enchanted life in the realm of faerie paradise. Enriching the wisdom of your heart, Inspiring you to follow your dreams, And dancing in the deep magic of life. Follow me into daydreams and makebelieve, & into the intriguing world of fantasy. A charming world where anything is possible, and where fantasy is embellished with crystals and sparkle.
Today on my journey, I am inspired by my love of family. My husband and children who take delight in my paintings. You will find me drawing and painting with the kids in our studio garage, filled with paint, toys and laughter.
My husband, a carpenter, is always on hand to ready my art works for hanging.

I love Dancing under the mist of full moon night
The Seasalt breeze upon my face
Living in my world of dreams
Feathers softly at my feet
The aroma of coffee and sweet scented candles
Seashells and the ocean upon where mermaids dwell
Being me, being fae, being mum at play, being an artist and writer of this wonderful place called life.

Raindrops of magic from my soul to yours. Nicole

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