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Fantasy Art by Susan Rodio

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Since the age of 5 I have been painting and drawing.

After completing highschool my only real interest was Art, so I went to Art School in Sydney and completed a 3 year full time Diploma in Fine Arts majoring in Life drawing and studio painting. I had my first exhibition at the ABC Centre space in Sydney with a group of fellow artists.
Since then I have worked in many fields from Dishwasher in a large restaurant to Recruitment Consultant in the Corporate World.

All of my work is painted by hand using Acrylic paint on Canvas. My paintings are inspired by the beauty and mystery of nature, colour, magic, symbolism,dreams,archetypes, mythology and the 'unseen'.

Artists that inspire me most are Brian Froud, Lisa Hunt, David Delamere,Josephine Wall, Judy Mastrangelo and Maxine Gadd to name a few.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work and thanks for viewing my gallery.

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