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Fantasy Art by Maxine Gadd

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Maxine Gadd was born Maxine Saunders, in the county of Worcestershire, England, October 14th 1962. Her painting ability became obvious from the age of three. Yet, unlike the usual scribbles of one so young, her drawings often reflected more detailed and easily recognizable forms. In 1967 her family decided to emigrate to Australia, seeking a much more rewarding lifestyle. Maxine’s art was first exhibited at school and then at community art shows, where her early abilities won recognition through winning both first and second awards. She began selling her work at the age of 12. Maxine was to briefly meet her future husband Will (Gadd) at that same college, who was a part time student. By pure chance they met again some time later, and after a brief courtship they became married. Owing to his support, both emotional and financial, Maxine was, for the first time ever, able to devote herself to her art. Although Maxine paints many subjects, it is the Fairies and Mermaids that people most want to see. Often they say, ‘That’s what a real fairy looks like!’

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